Son Uses His Own Money To Buy Gorgeous Home Then Tells Parents It’s….[Video] –

LeJuan, the YouTube Personality, got his stardom when he started making comical videos on himself on YouTube. He believes, that he owes everything to his parents, who were married for 33 years now and are still working hard. His parents sacrificed everything for their children. Both of them worked day and night, double shifts, to provide for their family. They have to work so hard because they have recently shifted to the United States.
Mom worked as a housekeeper at Disney and in the night as a cashier at Walgreen. Dad worked in maintenance while at night, being a cashier at Burger King.

He never said this to his parents, but he was very grateful to his parents for their sacrifices for him and his siblings. When LeJuan, is financially stable, he finally decided to make his childhood dream come true and surprise his parents. He always dreamed of buying a home for his parents. He blindfolds his parents, grabs them by their hand and took them to their beautiful new home.
They were standing in front of their house and he took off their blindfolds and the second they saw their new home; the tears start filing their eyes. It is the best moment for them, which they can never forget. LeJuan’s t-shirt has a rightful saying, “God is Good”, which indeed proved for him and his family.


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