In the wake, during, & aftermath etc… of the “Me 2” movement, it seems that any woman, women, or anyone 4 that matter can just go back 10 or 20 years & accuse any man or woman of sexual misconduct out of nowhere even if the accusers are or were just simply living a hoeish type of lifestyle without a conscious bone in their body & after all this time & the accusees have moved on since their party days & maybe they’ve changed their aggressive party ways or whatever. I really just find this Absurd & Preposterous in the sense that not all men are rapists & not all women are victims & believe me I am sensitive 2 those who have been abused, so I’m not talking about the true victims who have been mistreated, I’m talking about those people who are liars & choose 2 take advantage of the movement itself.
Some 1 please chime in & lemme know what you think about this & be honest. Thx